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Name: Justin Bubenik Email: chinook39@comcast.net
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 11 Nov 2005 03:46:23 GMT

Comment: Thanks for leading me to this awesome material Chuck! I caught my first Deschutes/swung/tube fly steely on a fly that I designed using your material! This is some amazing stuff, and is super easy to tie with! Thanks again!

Name: Garry Burianek Email: garry_burianek@hotmail.com
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 2 Jan 2006 02:58:05 GMT

Comment: Hello Chuck, Nice product but I am not sure on how you use this product? I make a lot of jigs and I would assume I can use this tied in as hackle? How long is it if palmered like hackle? Thank you, Garry

Name: Terry Hails Email: terryhails@hotmail.com
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Country: USA  Date: 25 Sep 2011 16:06:56 GMT

Comment: Chuck...it was a pleaseure meeting you yesterday at the 2011 North Umpqua Fall Fly Tying Festival. Appreciated seeing you tie with the Sparkle Material and the tips to use...can't wait to tie with it myself!

Name: Timothy Welch Email: twelch@wa-net.com
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Country: WA  Date: 14 Aug 2013 21:51:53 GMT

Comment: I met your niece, cousin, sister in law?? Jen Yoder, and while I had my mouth full of dental floss, she extolled the glories of your products! Do you make any poppers for salt water?? GT's.

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