About Us


Willie's Sparkle Material is a small business that my wife and I introduced to the fishing world three years ago. As fly fishers / Jig fishers and tiers we are always looking for new materials to improve to our fishing.

After Developing the Willie's Sparkle Material, I introduced this material to friends and members of my Fly Fishing Club. It wasn't long before they found out how these materials improved their hook - ups. Many are now regular customers.

I have been tying at fly tying expos and fly fishing shows for over five years. For the past three years I have been using Willie's Sparkle Material and selling my material at these shows. As the word gets out about the success people have been using my materials, more and more folks are asking for them.

In the past year I have also introduced Willie's Sparkle Material to local guides who often set their clients up fishing jigs. They have reported improved fishing and happy clients thanks to our products.

Business Philosophy

Our goal here at Willies Sparkling Material is to provide you with a sparkling chenille material to improve your fishing success, The sparkling material entices the fish and the rest is up to you.


We are a small family business and we understand the needs of fellow fishing families. All inquiries will be answered promptly. We welcome your questions.

  Thanks, Chuck Scott


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